7 Email Subject Line Hacks: Increase Your Open Rates

Having a hard time getting your emails through to their intended target?  Try these 7 email subject hacks to increase your open rates.

One of the most important ways of ensuring your emails get through is to be a likable and trustworthy person to your email subscribers. Once you have gained their trust and become their go-to person, you will not need to put as much energy and thought into your subject lines because they know your content is always valuable.

However, until then you need to be thoughtful when it comes to email subjects and try some of these email subject hacks.

That’s why I put together a list of 7 hacks that will help increase your open rates and get your content in emails to read.

1. Grab attention by using the “from” field

If you can scan the emails in your inbox, which “from” field do you find standing out and why?

Looking at my own inbox, Udemy (4) is one that catches my eye. What caught my eye is the (4) indicating that they have sent the email 4 times. Of course, this is not the best idea, but it caught my eye, and I opened it to see why the email was so important. You can duplicate this by inserting a number in your “from” field.

That’s one way you can capture your subscriber’s attention – inserting a fake ‘from’ field in the emails you send.

Another way to capture attention is to use an actual email address with an @ sign in the middle of the name. People rarely use their email addresses in the ‘from’ field anymore. Thus, by using it, you will stand out from the rest. However, there is a downside to this as you can look a bit amateurish. But if Amazon is doing it, why not you?

Another way is adding + for instance…

Academy Sports + Outdoors – there is a symbol here

Don @ Affiliatetoolsreviews, this is a good one because the person’s name is included as well as their business, and the @ sign.

2. Capture attention with your subject line

I don’t mean with actual words – I mean with capitalization, symbols, etc. If you have subscribed to a number of email lists, you will notice a few emails sent to you with emojis or fancy symbols. These might be hearts, faces, snowflakes, check-marks, etc. They are Unicode symbols. The best thing is that they are easier to install into your subject line.

You can use this tutorial to learn how to do it- Click Here

However, you need not overuse symbols- generally, one per subject is enough, 2 is questionable, 3 or more, and you will look like spam.

Also, you can use capitals to capture attention. You can use all-caps in your subject lines but use this tactic sparingly as it is equivalent to shouting. To play safe, you can capitalize your keywords only.

3. Be specific

The first thing to do is to know your goal. Are you giving helpful information? Are you promoting something? Are you sharing a story?

Let your reader know what they are expecting to see once they open your email. Being upfront and honest will increase your open rates.

An example of a specific subject line is “Coupon Inside, a free report.”

Or “New Killer Traffic Source- Twitter Dark Secret- Get the Real Story Here”

4. Make use of questions

Questions are a good way to spark curiosity and get your readers to mentally participate in answering your questions before they even open your email.Make use of questions?

For instance, if you are sending a Christmas email revolving around Santa Claus, you might ask “Andrew, have you been good enough?’

If you are promoting a book on finding inner motivation, you might ask “how much are you willing to push yourself?”

5. Personalize your subject lines whenever possible

With this I don’t mean only names – you can include other relatable information as well.

For instance… ‘Shhhh, here is a special day offer for our Canada friends only.’

Or ‘John, here is how to get the most out of your new X1524 Printer you purchased recently.’

6. Mail a series and include the day each series is to be sent

If your subscribers joined your list to get a series of guides on how to boost traffic to their site, you could title each email with “Day 1, Day 2…. This makes it easier for them as they can go back to see the emails they might have missed.

7. Optimize the preview text

Remember that your emails, once sent to your clients, show the first line of text after the ‘from’ field and subject line. The last thing you want the first line to read is, “To unsubscribe from getting this email…”

Instead, think about optimizing the first line and make it look like an extension of your subject line. Try to keep it interesting and highly relevant.

Bonus – One last thing- Test everything.

You hear this every time in email marketing- test, test, test.

If you are serious about improving your email open rates, testing is the way to go. Test with different subject lines, test with different fonts, test with different colors, emojis, and so on.

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